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Plane in the Sky

Find our Sustainability Pledge and Conflict Minerals Statement below. If you have any other questions you may contact us and we will be happy to help

Frequently Asked Questions


Aero8, Inc. believes everyone has a responsibility to protect the world we live in. That is why we make every effort to find environmentally friendly solutions to meet the needs of our company and all those we conduct business with. Whether it’s reusing boxes to ship with or simply recycling used papers and plastics, Aero8, Inc. strives to reduce our footprint in the modern world.


Through constant endeavors, Aero8, Inc. looks to conserve energy, preserve materials and reduce waste while maintaining commitments to our customers. We are dedicated to progress and work to continuously improve our sustainability efforts. Using proactive measures, Aero8, Inc. intends to impact not only our stakeholders, but the biological world as a whole.

Aero8, Inc. pledges to:

  1. Minimize environmental impact with regards to energy, materials and waste.

  2. Encourage sustainable practices from vendors and customers.

  3. Consider sustainability in the procurement of goods and services.

  4. Promote environmentally responsible behaviors throughout the company.

  5. Support employees engaged in sustainable activities.

  6. Demonstrate continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts.

  7. Optimally employ resources for improved economic sustainability.

  8. Encourage economic travel practices.

Aero8, Inc. promises to continually manage and communicate these goals to our employees, colleagues and investors in order to ameliorate the negative impact we are having on environmental, social and economic systems. Employing cooperation and communication will allow all of us to have a positive influence on the world around us.

Conflict Minerals

Aero8, Inc is devoted to protecting the health and safety of people as well as the environment they live in. As per the Conflict Materials provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, HR 4173, Section 1502 (Conflict Minerals Act), Aero8, Inc is collaborating with its suppliers to ensure the supplies and materials furnished do not contain substances which are deemed as conflict minerals. Conflict minerals include supplies and materials that directly or indirectly benefit armed militants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the surrounding nations. Aero8, Inc will make every effort to guarantee that conflict minerals will not enter our supply chain by requesting credible certificates of origin for supplies and materials obtained that could have originated in conflict areas or the connecting countries. Through strong communication and teamwork, Aero8, Inc hopes to to extinguish the use of conflict minerals in all the parts we acquire.

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